Eastern Region

Regional Superior – Eastern Region
Regional Superior – Eastern Region

Eastern Region is one of three Regions found in Uganda.  It comprises all the Convents found in the two Dioceses of Tororo and Soroti.  The Region has been in existence for over 20 years.  It started as an Area and it was raised to a status of a Region.


The current Regional Superior is Sophie Akim aided by Sr. +Salome Aguti the Vicaress and Sisters Bernadette Ikalet, Alfred Mary Aleto and Beatrice Nabutuwa Councilors.

The Region is also divided into three Zones each headed by a zone leader and a Regional Councilor member is assigned to a zone.  The Zones are: St. Anne, St. Clare and St. Francis.


Appointment List


The Region has 7 Convents in Tororo Archdiocese and 13 Convents in Soroti Diocese.  The Sisters are involved in various apostolates such as: teaching, medical field, social work, administration and formation work.

The Sisters are working in different Institutions of learning from Nursery to Secondary schools, others serve in Health Ministry.  Some Sisters carry out social services among the visually and physically impaired children and adults while others are in pastoral and formation work.


Pamba Rehabilitation Home
Pamba Rehabilitation Home

St. Francis rehabilitation Center formerly known as Madera Rehabilitation Center was opened in 1986 by a Mill Hill priest by the names of Fr. Van Russel. Its objective was to render residential care to the elderly, the poor, and the ex-lepers who were neglected by their family members. However in 1996 due to the donors demand, the elderly, the poor, and the ex-lepers were resettled back to their homes and the objective of the home was changed to a rehabilitation center where children/youngsters with different types of disabilities were medically rehabilitated. This center was formally on Diocesan land but the Little Sisters purchased land and relocated the home on their own piece of land under their own management.

In May 2005, the center was relocated to its new place in Pamba, Soroti municipality some 1km west of Soroti town.

St. Francis Rehabilitation Center is owned by the Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi.

The center has the following services which it renders to its beneficiaries

  1. Reach out programmes in the villages
  2. Assessment of clients after outreaches in the center
  3. We offer pre and post operative services to our clients
  4. We link our clients to orthopedic hospitals where they can receive surgical interventions.
  5. Provition of education at all levels to some of our clients
  6. Provision of skills in simple farming
  7. Teaching them activities of daily living
  8. Spiritual exercises and counseling to our clients
  9. We have a bakery whereby we have trained some of our clients are now employed staff

We have over 60 children/youngsters  who benefit from the nearby primary and secondary schools. However the majority of our clients commute from their homes while receiving rehabilitation services from the center.


  1. Good performance of our children in schools
  2. We were able to rehabilitate 250 despite the high operation costs in previous years.
  3. We have completed our dining/kitchen building
  4. We have completed the construction of Orthopedic Department
  5. We have a Bakery which is income generating money to support the Home.  The Bakery also gives training and jobs for the physically challenged persons supported by the Home.
  6. Good staffing


  1. High costs of surgery/medical treatment
  2. Difficulty in acquiring walking appliances e.g. wheelchairs, clutches etc.
  3. Feeding constraints
  4. Lack of a convent for the sisters who take of the children
  5. Lack of beds, mattresses, mosquito nets for our clients

Mother Kevin Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Pallisa

The school is an initiative of the Little Sisters of St. Francis in response and contribution to the Government’s campaign on gender and women emancipation and the deteriorating moral standards in our society.  This in turn fulfills the requirements of the Millennium Development Goals “promote Gender Equality  and empowerment of women”.

Mother Kevin Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School therefore seeks to improve on the enhancement of the Girl child’s status in society through secondary school education in Pallisa and in Uganda as a whole.  The school is located at Kalaki, 1 and half kilometer from Pallisa town.  Besides academics, the school seeks to offer vocational studies to the girls to enable them gain skills that they can use to immediately.

St. Francis Primary School for the Blind:

St. Francis Primary School for the Blind, Madera was founded by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa together with the Little Sisters of St. Francis in 1955 with the help of Teso Education Committee, Teso District Administration, Uganda Foundation for the Blind and other generous Organizations who felt the need to educate a visually impaired persons.

At the time of its inception, many people did not see the need to educate handicapped children on assumption they were of less value in the society.  Therefore the school did not get support from these people including parents of the children.